Friday, April 13, 2012

Last Mamarazzi Class

Wow!  It's been over a week since I last posted and our household has been busy for sure.

At the end of March, I had my final Mamarazzi class.  We all gathered together at a park and let our kids play while we took pictures of them.  Well, my kid doesn't really play.  He just runs or climbs or plays in the dirt.  It's very hard to concentrate on taking photos while I'm chasing him!

After our time at the park, we headed back to Dana's house and our kids ate snacks while us moms scored some free giveaways.  Then the kids played in her kid-friendly backyard while we snapped a few more photos.  To top it off, she took photos of our kids so we had a mini session...all for free!  I'm telling you there were so many perks to taking this Mamarazzi class that I felt I got more than my money's worth.

This is the super-photogenic Hunter sitting still long enough for Dana to capture his precious face.  She had a trunk full of props so we tried out these.  She tried to put a tie on him but he wouldn't have it.  He's holding a mustache on a stick which we wanted him to hold up but of course he wouldn't.  He's really in charge!

My favorite!  We actually look decent after a sweaty morning at the park.

These photos are out of order but these photos below capture our time at the park, taken by me.  Here he is climbing on a steep staircase to a ladder while holding his snack cup.  He would not let go of the snack cup.  And you'll notice a scratch above his mouth.  He did that just the day before and the fabulous Dana edited it out as you see in the pictures above.

All the other moms had kids that seemed to stay in one place.  Not mine.
Miss Em blew bubbles for some of the kids.  I thought this might keep him still but nothing would distract him.
See?  This boy is on the move!  He's holding a pez dispenser that we tried to distract him with to get photos but all he did was put it in his mouth.

So...why should you sign up for the next Mamarazzi class?  Because Dana is super patient with you and your kids, a teacher at heart, knows her stuff, and will make you/encourage you to learn about your camera and take time to photograph your kids.  She also emphasizes that you should print your photos and she'll show you a neat way to organize those photos.  No scrapbooking required!  Plus, she provides breakfast for your class sessions!

See her blog for the class brochure (March 29th entry).

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