Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter 2012

For Easter we headed to Houston to see Korey's mom, brother, and cousin Brandon.  These pics are from Miss Corey and are out of order.

We set out the boys' baskets of goodies on Sunday morning on the back porch.  We caught Brandon peeking!
We also hid the eggs for them while they were inside.  We were going to dye easter eggs but at the last minute we opted out.  Miss Corey made Resurrection rolls for the boys.

Brandon was on the move with his eggs.

We got the boys to sit still for us so we could capture their grins.
Not sure why Hunter wasn't into it!
And I'm not sure either why he was outside without a shirt.  No idea what he's doing here.

We went to Easter service on Saturday night.  After the service was over we let the boys play on the playground which happened to be on the church's property.
The boys are inside a little wooden playhouse.  My boy is just chillin'.

Nana and her grandbabies!

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