Saturday, May 5, 2012

21 Months

This little dude hit 21 months 3 weeks ago!  I think I realized it the day after it happened.  That's how things have been lately.

We have definitely entered into full-blown toddler stage.  Has anyone else experienced the random screamings in Target?  Or in a restaurant?  Or during dinner?

And we have begun to work on discipline in our house.  Sometimes Hunter just does not want to obey.  Ugh.  We know he understands what we're asking but he is STUBBORN!  No idea were he gets that from!  :)
Sorry for the bad lighting of these pics but I didn't feel like editing them since I'm 3 weeks behind.  Hunter is executing his cheesy grin.  If we get the camera or the video camera out and he's in a good mood he'll do it without being asked.

As of this writing Hunter can count to ten all by himself!  That's so exciting for us to know that he's soaking in everything we teach him.  He brings us so much joy!

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