Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter 2012 Part 2

These are the pictures I took from our Easter weekend in Houston.

Easter morning we woke up and Miss Corey got the boys to help her make Resurrection rolls.  (My white balance is off in the first 2 pics and I didn't feel like editing it).

Brandon is ready.

Hunter must be hungry.  And his favorite toy over the weekend became one of the cat toys.  Great.
You dip the marshmallow in the butter.
Then you roll it in the crescent roll.
Then you dip it in more butter and cinnamon sugar and bake.  I never got to taste any but I heard they were good.

After we were all dressed we went out to the back porch to play
Miss Corey had the Lifeway Easter eggs so she was trying to read to Brandon.

No idea what Hunter was upset about.
Brandon was paying attention but Hunter was off to play.
Here's Hunter's Easter gifts we set out for him.
Examining his stuff.
He got some sidewalk chalk so we were picking up all the pieces.
He's probably screaming here.
Just a swinging!

The cousins posing for a picture outside.

The boys with their Nana.  Hunter was done at this point.
I guess I didn't ask anyone to actually smile when I tried to take this!

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