Thursday, May 24, 2012

22 Months

Our almost 2 year old going on 4 year old turned 22 months on Saturday.  I snapped these quick pictures while at my sister's house.

He's up to two consecutive words in his vocabulary and he can count to ten.  I've started trying to teach him sight words but haven't found any good flashcards to use.

On Sunday Korey was getting the jogging stroller out of the closet and Hunter said, "Get it!" in a very bossy voice.  We made him repeat his phrase adding on "please."  He has become rather bossy lately.  No idea where he gets that from!  :) 

This little man can count to ten now and starts repeating an alphabet song he's listened to.  Just the first five letters though.  He loves structure and routine.  After his bath at night he and I sit on the couch so he can drink his milk before we go get on our bed to read a Bible story and pray.  One night he woke up at 2am asking for milk and then he said, "couch."  There I sat, half asleep on the couch, holding him while he drank more milk before he went back to sleep. 

Cheesy grin!

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