Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tractor, Tractor

Hunter has moved on from Elmo and we are now on to his latest fascination - tractors!  I guess it started because my dad has a John Deere lawnmower so whenever he is over there he always wants to go out in the garage to see it.  We let him watch educational videos on Youtube and one day he asked for a tractor video.  So we found some and now his favorite video to watch is of a John Deere tractor pull.  Weird!

Living where we do I remembered that I had seen a John Deere place so I looked it up and one Friday night Hunter and I set out for the John Deere dealership.  You might be a redneck if... you take your son here just so he can see tractors!  When we got there they were five minutes away from closing so the next time we went back Korey came, too.

Let me tell you Korey's eyes got big when we pulled into the parking lot a couple of Saturdays ago.  He thought it was just as neat as Hunter did!  Those tractors are HUGE!  We let Hunter walk around among the tractors outside and I took pictures.

Korey is 6"1' so you can get perspective on how tall that tire is.

Hunter is giving us his cheesy grin.

Another cheesy grin!  He was loving this adventure.  (Can you see the price tag on that tractor?)

We thoroughly enjoyed this free adventure!

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