Thursday, September 20, 2012

Galveston 2012

At the end of August we set off on our first real family vacation.  We decided to spend a few days in Galveston because we wanted an easy and affordable trip considering the huge purchase that's coming our way.

First, let me say that Korey and I have always been anti-DVD player in the car kind of people.  We just don't believe in constantly making our child consume TV at every chance he gets.  But roadtrips?  A whole different ballgame.  So we loaded up a DVD player, toys, snacks and Hunter kicked off his shoes as soon as we left.

Our first stop was in League City to see where Korey's paternal grandparents were buried.  Korey's grandfather was an architect which is how he inherited his drawing skills along with his drawing desk.

Since Hunter didn't nap at all during the car trip despite two doses of milk, we tried to get him to lay down once we go to the hotel.  Fail!
Hunter was not bored at all in our room.  As you can see below he loved playing with the A/C.  He would constantly turn it on and off despite us telling him numerous times to stop!
Underneath the night stand was one of those pouf seat things so I put it in front of the bed and that became Hunter's way of jumping on the bed.  He easily entertained himself in the room.
I guess he had to yell while he jumped, too.
Haha just noticed the TV caption "Party City."  I think that's fitting for this picture.
Poor Monkey was tired after all that.
That night we went and walked on the beach.  This was Hunter's first time to see the ocean.  Pleasure Pier is in the background.  I have no idea why we're both looking in different directions.
We got our feet wet.  Poor thing wanted to go swimming so we kept telling him tomorrow he could go.
I picked up a seashell to show him but he didn't stay interested too long.
The next morning Hunter woke up and literally said, "Hi Mommy, go swimming ocean."  It made me laugh!  But unfortunately it was raining so we took the ferry to Bolivar.
Korey and I both grew up taking vacations in Galveston and feeding the seagulls off the back of the ferry so it was a precious moment to see my son doing the same thing.  Some nice kids gave him some bread slices to feed the seagulls so in between bites for himself he threw chunks to the birds.

Once we got to Bolivar we headed to a neighborhood where Korey's other grandfather used to live.  He has many good memories of staying there with his family.  Sadly, the cabin isn't there anymore.  I did see this on one of the streets so I just had to take a picture.

After lunch we threw caution to the wind and decided to let Hunter swim instead of napping.  Day 2 of no nap!
We got him dressed in this flotation shirt that made him look like he was wearing football pads.
He was happy playing in the sand.  When we walked him out to the water he was scared so he ended up sitting in my lap and we let the waves splash on us.
A boy's dream - miles of "dirt" to play in.
Then we chased the birds and while we tried to "catch" them Hunter would say, "Hold chicken."  Gotta love that.
After dinner that night we took him to LaKing's or rather we took me so I could indulge in all of their goodies.
Hunter raced boats and horses while Korey and I ate ice cream.

I took this picture of Murdoch's to show the original pilings in the back where this location used to stand.
Not a happy car rider.  I think he wanted to go back to the beach.
And yet another horse he got to ride outside of a Mexican restaurant.
Our last day on the beach.

I finally snagged someone to take a family photo of us.  I have a better one but I guess it didn't upload.
Then we walked around the beach some more....
and we found a HUGE rainbow!
It was gorgeous!  I was pointing it out to everyone that walked by.  I thought it was a great finale to our vacation.
This final picture is a quick one I took at LaKing's.  It's the candy maker feeding salt water taffy into the machine which cut it, wrapped it and dropped it into a basket.  If you stood and watched he would toss you a piece.  I loved this place!

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