Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Korey and I decided to take a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas over the past weekend. Neither of us had been there before and we were inspired to go because we had some friends get married at Thorncrown Chapel earlier this year.

Here is Korey in front of our cottage. It was so cute!! There is even a nutcracker sitting in the window.

Downtown Eureka Springs...
Korey and I drove up a road less traveled and I found this. When I looked inside it even had the old benches.
This is the view from the road less traveled.

This is the inside of our cottage where we ate breakfast that was delivered to our door. Yum!

Our cottage was a loft so here is the main bedroom downstairs.

The view from the front door with the stairs to the loft in the back.

In front of the fireplace at the Basin Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs.

On our way we stopped in Fayetville at the University of Arkansas. Neither of us had ever seen it so we decided, "Why not?" I joked that since we were both raised in a football state it was natural of us to take pics in front of their huge stadium.

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Jared said...

jessica and I soooooo stayed at the hart of the hills inn when we were there for Darren and Lindsey's wedding!