Friday, March 5, 2010

Artist at Work

This is the sign Korey drew after we worked on our taxes together. :(

We drove to Austin last weekend with my parents for the day. Korey and I sat in the backseat and he drew the whole way down. He met his quota for a project he was working on for a client. Even though I was sitting 6 inches away from him I actually left him alone. :)

And this is the latest. We picked out some bedding that we liked but didn't purchase it with the intent of incorporating the colors into the nursery. He put a pic of it on his computer (far left corner), pulled out the colors into a palette (below the bedding pic) and started dropping the colors into the lion he had drawn. All this made him realize that these colors made him feel limited so I think we're back to square one! We do know that he will be drawing animals that we're going to print out and frame and/or mount.

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