Friday, March 5, 2010

March Madness

Soon after we found out what we were having we placed an order online for a crib and a changing table. Actually I think the time lapse was about 3 days! My goal when it came in was to just pick it up and get it home. I told Korey we didn't have to put it together because it was late and Friday night. However, he had other ideas. As soon as he got it in the room he started taking it out of the boxes.

No, we haven't painted yet....not sure what our colors are going to be. Not sure if we will even paint. I can't decide! Here's the 3 walls of the crib. Ours came with toddler rails to convert later on!

Well a lot of drama passed between the photo above and this one. The crib was fairly easy to put together. The changing table was a different story. It had many more parts and nuts and bolts that were very confusing. We were both frustrated. Him more so than me :) By 11pm I was exhausted and told Korey I had to go to bed. He decided to stay up and finish the changing table.

When I walked into the room this is what I found. It was like Santa Claus had come! It was also his idea to take some of the gifts we've already received and lay them out on the changing table. Awesome!

We hope to eventually add a glider or rocking chair. So far so good!

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