Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fabric to the Rescue

I've come to realize that I will never finish decorating my house. I've been in the house a couple of years and I've just now gotten kitchen curtains! But don't think I haven't been looking for them. I have scoured many stores and haven't found anything I like. But my mom came to the rescue with her curtain-making skills and we went to Hobby Lobby and found three colors of fabric that she pieced together into what's pictured below. I love them and so does Korey. Thanks Mom! That windowsill is the next project.

This is my cedar chest that my mom had recovered years ago and now we decided to recover it once again to match our living room. I'm hoping to make it into a hallway bench. By the way Korey and I did some furniture rearranging last weekend in our living room and the baby's room. And now my baseboards need to be cleaned. Ahhh...the joy of nesting!

Here is the before.
My parents had come over to help hang the curtains and recover the bench. We found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and it happens to be the exact same fabric as my couch throw pillows that I had found at Kohls. There's my dad with the staple gun working on the bench.

Korey told me he was deliberately making faces in this picture.

What to do with the scraps??

This is the finished product!

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