Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are down again but definitely not out. In mid-November the first cold of the year hit us. Hunter and I were both sick at the same time and he spent a month sleeping in our room because of this gagging reflex he had every time he coughed.

In December Korey brought home a stomach bug which he shared with me. I got it two times worse than he did about 4 days later. Unfortunately we passed it on to my mom, my sister, and her husband. Thankfully Hunter did not get it. Besides almost praying for death in the middle of the bouts of throwing up and other side effects because that's how bad I felt, the one other thing I was praying for was that Hunter would not get it. I'm amazed that he didn't and I'm grateful God answered my prayer. Because I was sick I had to stop nursing him and because he had already been demanding the bottle more and more I decided that we would officially stop. I got to nurse him a couple more times after I had recovered with the knowledge that this would be the last time which made me more mentally and emotionally ready for it. We made it 5 months which isn't bad even though I would have liked to have made it longer. He is still getting breastmilk from my freezer stash though which should last us until right after the new year. I can honestly say breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

We decided not to go to Houston before Christmas because we were afraid Hunter might get sick and we didn't want to carry the sickness to Korey's family. We didn't want that to be their Christmas gift. :) We were talking about going down for New Year's but now we won't because we are sick and don't have a dog sitter.

Just last week, the week before Christmas I noticed Hunter's nose started running. By that night he had a fever. I took him to the dr the day before Christmas Eve just to make sure we weren't stuck sick without a dr during the holidays. This time he had a cold and cough which meant he was back to sleeping in our room. Every year I look forward to the Christmas Eve service and this year I stayed home with him while my family went. Korey said the church wedding coordinator that helped us at our wedding was sitting nearby so he was trying to wave his left hand around with his wedding ring so that she wouldn't think we weren't together! By Christmas day I wasn't feeling good and I left my parent's house on Christmas day with a fever. I made myself go to work yesterday and flashed my kleenex and Sudafed in front of everyone so they would know not to come near. The worst part is that neither Korey or I are getting much sleep at night because Hunter starts coughing which wakes himself and us up. Then it's all we can do between more meds, a bottle, a paci, and a lovie blanket just to get him to go back to sleep. I am tired! And I am tired of being sick!

This pic is actually from our first round of sickness back in Nov. Korey is reading to Hunter in our bed.The spoonful of sugar with all of this is that Hunter rolled over for the first time tonight...snotty nose and all! And I'm so grateful I got to see it. I was afraid I would miss it and had been literally praying I wouldn't miss the first time! Korey got to see it right as it happened and then got the second time on video. Yay for Hunter!

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