Wednesday, March 31, 2010

23 Weeks

Here are my end of 22-start of 23 week pics. My dog Camo decided to join in.

Watching her streeeetttccchhhh....
The empty wall to the left is another decorating project!

My Harley!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Literacy Speaks

Korey and I ventured off to Ft. Worth today to finally meet one of his clients in person. When I say finally it's because Korey gets his art jobs via email (due to people seeing his portfolio online), they send a contract, and he starts working. No face to face contact is ever made. It was exciting for him to finally get to meet the author of a speech kit he's done the illustrations for. And the good thing is that this author has put out several speech kits so he's gotten to work on all of them.

We went to the Ft. Worth Convention Center and this is what I found inside. It's all cowboy hats!

I don't remember what the name of this convention was but the author we met is a speech pathologist at a school in Indiana so many of the booths were related to speech, education, and health.

Here is Korey standing by the booth. The sign that they had made is his lettering and characters! He is standing by one of the speech kits he did which contain a coloring book and flashcards.
Him holding a English version of a bilingual set of books he did for the company Northern Speech Services that published the speech kit.
Here is Korey with the speech kit author, Kelli Richmond. You can read more about how the kit works at Literacy Speaks.

After we left the convention we discovered the Ft. Worth Water Gardens downtown.

We opted to keep my pregnant self safe and exhaustion-free at the top and not walk down to the bottom. The thought of squeezing past someone on the steps was not enticing. But it was neat to sit there and look at and a beautiful day!

Fabric to the Rescue

I've come to realize that I will never finish decorating my house. I've been in the house a couple of years and I've just now gotten kitchen curtains! But don't think I haven't been looking for them. I have scoured many stores and haven't found anything I like. But my mom came to the rescue with her curtain-making skills and we went to Hobby Lobby and found three colors of fabric that she pieced together into what's pictured below. I love them and so does Korey. Thanks Mom! That windowsill is the next project.

This is my cedar chest that my mom had recovered years ago and now we decided to recover it once again to match our living room. I'm hoping to make it into a hallway bench. By the way Korey and I did some furniture rearranging last weekend in our living room and the baby's room. And now my baseboards need to be cleaned. Ahhh...the joy of nesting!

Here is the before.
My parents had come over to help hang the curtains and recover the bench. We found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and it happens to be the exact same fabric as my couch throw pillows that I had found at Kohls. There's my dad with the staple gun working on the bench.

Korey told me he was deliberately making faces in this picture.

What to do with the scraps??

This is the finished product!

My Birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting my bday pics from earlier this month.

Korey got me a baker's rack for our kitchen and this was his "wrapping" on the outside of the box.

We went to my parent's house for dinner that night for homemade lasagna.
Me and my dad.
Me and my mom.
Me and my baby boy!

My camera battery died before I got to take the most important pic of mom's homemade Italian Cream Cake. It's the one thing I ask for every year for my bday. It was delicious!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My sister sent me this recipe and I made it for dinner tonight. I didn't take any pics to show you but there is a pic on the website including how-to photos. I served it with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. Something different and yum! And they are baked, not fried so you can eat healthy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

20 Weeks

The good thing about a growing belly is that your arms look skinny!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Artist at Work

This is the sign Korey drew after we worked on our taxes together. :(

We drove to Austin last weekend with my parents for the day. Korey and I sat in the backseat and he drew the whole way down. He met his quota for a project he was working on for a client. Even though I was sitting 6 inches away from him I actually left him alone. :)

And this is the latest. We picked out some bedding that we liked but didn't purchase it with the intent of incorporating the colors into the nursery. He put a pic of it on his computer (far left corner), pulled out the colors into a palette (below the bedding pic) and started dropping the colors into the lion he had drawn. All this made him realize that these colors made him feel limited so I think we're back to square one! We do know that he will be drawing animals that we're going to print out and frame and/or mount.

March Madness

Soon after we found out what we were having we placed an order online for a crib and a changing table. Actually I think the time lapse was about 3 days! My goal when it came in was to just pick it up and get it home. I told Korey we didn't have to put it together because it was late and Friday night. However, he had other ideas. As soon as he got it in the room he started taking it out of the boxes.

No, we haven't painted yet....not sure what our colors are going to be. Not sure if we will even paint. I can't decide! Here's the 3 walls of the crib. Ours came with toddler rails to convert later on!

Well a lot of drama passed between the photo above and this one. The crib was fairly easy to put together. The changing table was a different story. It had many more parts and nuts and bolts that were very confusing. We were both frustrated. Him more so than me :) By 11pm I was exhausted and told Korey I had to go to bed. He decided to stay up and finish the changing table.

When I walked into the room this is what I found. It was like Santa Claus had come! It was also his idea to take some of the gifts we've already received and lay them out on the changing table. Awesome!

We hope to eventually add a glider or rocking chair. So far so good!