Thursday, February 23, 2012

19 Months

On Sunday, Hunter turned 19 months and we captured a few photos of him before we headed out of town on a mini vacation.

This little guy has absolutely AMAZED us this past month.  My sister clued me in to the fact that it's our responsibility as his parents to teach him what he needs to know and not rely on school mainly so he could know his letters, colors, etc.  Some parents are saying "Duh" but for me, being a first time mom, I didn't know!

I decided I would buy flash cards and introduce them and see how it went.  I bought some with colors and shapes and another set with letters.  I keep a set in the bathroom and whenever he's in the bathtub we go over them.  But only because he points to them and says, "More."  After a day at work sometimes my brain doesn't want to be in teaching mode, but I give in because he asks for them.  I guess it's like a game to him which he loves.

Let me tell you that our little man knows most of his colors, his numbers, and letters now.  We will be stopped at a stop sign and he'll say, "8" and sure enough I'll look over and that number will be on a telephone pole.  If he's wearing a shirt with the letters on it, he'll tell you what they are.  He still asks us every day what stuff is.  He's super curious about the world around him.

And to top it off, he sometimes puts himself in time out.  Korey will tell him no for something he did, and he'll say "T'm out" and he'll go sit down in the corner without being told.  Crazy.

Whenever we're in his room, he'll say, "Book" so I will sit down with him to read.

We're reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" which has the letters of the alphabet in it and I'm asking him what the letters are.

Then he asks me what some of the lowercase letters are.
I think he's asking me what the coconut is called.  I wonder how soon he'll be reading?!

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