Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lingerie Shower: Hot Pink and Zebra

Here are pics from my lingerie shower on Saturday. It was fabulous and very fun! I have to thank my sister and future sis-in-law for putting it together. Here I am with the two of them and my mom.
The "K" sign hung on the door. My sister found the wooden letter at Hobby Lobby and then painted the black stripes on it. She is the Martha Stewart in our family.
My bridesmaids!!

I love petit fours!! These are so cute. They are from Society Bakery in Dallas.

The table of food decorated by the two hostesses. My sis got fabric from Hobby Lobby and made it into a table cloth.

Another pic of the table.

The party favors...they are so cute! And yes my sister made them. They are sugar cookies that she painted pieces of lingerie on in icing.
Thanks to my sister and future sis-in-law for putting together such an awesome shower! And that's all the details I can tell about and show for now. :)

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