Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first post!

I gave in and am now following in footsteps of my friends. Funny how blogging is now replacing talking on the phone to someone about what's going on in their life. Ironically I'm giving in to the craze.

About me: I am 24 days away from getting married to an awesome guy. He is an illustrator and you can see who he is at We (me really) are stressed and busy but having fun! What you will hear about on this blog will be the final details of wedding preparation, thoughts on food because I love it!, and stories about family and friends. I currently live with my sister and my two dogs, Harley (boy) and Camo (girl). They are Blue Lacy dogs. Never heard of them? See

Here it goes: Tonight I made BBQ pork in the slow cooker for dinner. We ate it on sandwiches. It was my first time to make it and it was a success. Korey gave it a fist-pump which is his version of a thumbs-up. You can find the recipe here:


The White Family said...

YEA!! I look forward to reading more post and maybe finding a new recipe! I will have to try the BBQ pork recipe, it sounds really good,

Stacey Rowland said...

I just checked out Korey's web page. He's really talented!

The Ballard Family said...

Yeah Kelly! I am so glad you decided to join the blogging world. Don't get too stressed out in the next couple of weeks....everything will be fine. I can't wait to see the wedding pics!


Lori said...

Woo hoo! And I love BBQ slow cooked in the crock pot as well. Keep those dinner suggestions coming.