Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pam to the Rescue - A Substitute Rolling Pin

My sister is helping to host a lingerie shower today at my house so I have been banished from my very own house since yesterday. Although I did get to sleep here last night.

Korey and I signed up to make dinner for Jeff and Stacy Warren and so last night I had to make it at my parent's house. I decided to make homemade pizzas for them because I figured they would be casseroled-out by now. When I set off to start on the pizza dough, I quickly realized after I had made the dough for the first pizza that I didn't have a rolling pin. I had no idea where my mom's was or even if she had one. Then I quickly found my backup - a can of Pam cooking spray! It worked like a charm although I had to flour it quite frequently. By the time my parent's and Korey came home I had made three pizzas from scratch and that was my quota for the day! We had one for dinner that night.

For the pizza, I made a pepperoni and cheese pizza and then another one with pepperoni, Italian sausage, cheese and veggies both cooked on my pizza stone. The dough recipe and pizza sauce recipes were complements of Paula Deen. You'll hear about her alot!

After our pizza dinner we celebrated round two of Korey's birthday. Last weekend for his birthday we went to Denton and played Ultimate Frisbee with his friends on his actual bday. Afterwards we were so exhausted that we didn't even have the energy to play a game. We are so old!! (Oh and a note to all of you who like to make birthday cakes from scratch. If a cake has chocolate shavings on it that you are blowing out the birthday candles on...well you can only guess! Chocolate shavings everywhere!!) Since my parent's were in Canada they gave him their gifts last night. Afterwards we all shared (really fought over) cupcakes.

It is almost 10am...two hours before the shower and I haven't been allowed to leave my room this morning so that my sister and future sis-in-law can get stuff ready in the kitchen. I have no idea what I'm in for!

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