Monday, October 27, 2008

"Clean out your fridge" bars

When I'm stressed I bake. For some reason I've always just found it relaxing. And making something with chocolate makes baking even better. This weekend I realized that I made three things which is quite alot for me:

1. Honeybun Cake
The Honeybun Cake I made was for a potluck dinner at a friend's house in Denton. I decided to forego something pumpkin flavored because I didn't know if everyone likes pumpkin. This cake was absolutely delicious!! Some of the flavor feedback included tastes comparable to a coffee cake and a donut. The reason I made it is because back when I was living in Thailand we had a bake-off among the office staff but only the guys could compete. This was the winning dessert. And alas I found a recipe for it! Korey did give this a thumbs up.

The 5 layer bars I made turned into many layers as I scavenged our freezer where we keep all of our baking chocolate and nuts. We had many half-used bags of stuff so I decided to throw them all in. Mine included chocolate chips, toffee chips, a toffee bar, cinnamon chips (very good if you haven't tried these yet!), peanut butter chips, pecans, walnuts, and almonds topped off by the condensed milk. Yum! These were very easy to make and Korey also gave these a thumbs up.

The French Toast Casserole I decided to make was because we had a leftover loaf of sourdough bread that we weren't eating so that inspired me to make it. This recipe includes nutmeg so if you're not a big fan of the taste just leave it out. Korey hasn't tried this but I've decided to take the leftovers to work as I know this is too much to eat for me and my sis.
As for the wedding, Korey, my sis and I spent Sunday at my parent's house which has become Grand Central Wedding Station. We worked most of the day on the little things that needed to get done and we're making progress.
Only 12 days to go!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten Ways

From a blog I read...

10 Ways to Do Your Husband Good (Proverbs 31:12)

* Write him a love note and place it in his sock drawer.
* Take an entire evening to enjoy his favorite hobby with him.
* Show up at work with a special drink or take him to lunch.
* Encourage him for demonstrating a specific godly trait—in front of friends.
* Arrange a datenight at his favorite restaurant.
* Pray for him today and tell him you are doing so.
* Surprise him with his favorite dessert after dinner.
* Greet him in an extra-special way when he comes home from work.
* Lead the children in a time of honoring him.
* Ask him: “What is one way I can be a better wife?” Then do it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lingerie Shower: Hot Pink and Zebra

Here are pics from my lingerie shower on Saturday. It was fabulous and very fun! I have to thank my sister and future sis-in-law for putting it together. Here I am with the two of them and my mom.
The "K" sign hung on the door. My sister found the wooden letter at Hobby Lobby and then painted the black stripes on it. She is the Martha Stewart in our family.
My bridesmaids!!

I love petit fours!! These are so cute. They are from Society Bakery in Dallas.

The table of food decorated by the two hostesses. My sis got fabric from Hobby Lobby and made it into a table cloth.

Another pic of the table.

The party favors...they are so cute! And yes my sister made them. They are sugar cookies that she painted pieces of lingerie on in icing.
Thanks to my sister and future sis-in-law for putting together such an awesome shower! And that's all the details I can tell about and show for now. :)

Korey's 32nd Bday

Korey, before and after he blew out the candles and realized he blew chocolate shavings everywhere.

The Chocolate Mousse Cake I made for Korey's bday complete with chocolate shavings. I found the recipe in a Paula Deen magazine.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pam to the Rescue - A Substitute Rolling Pin

My sister is helping to host a lingerie shower today at my house so I have been banished from my very own house since yesterday. Although I did get to sleep here last night.

Korey and I signed up to make dinner for Jeff and Stacy Warren and so last night I had to make it at my parent's house. I decided to make homemade pizzas for them because I figured they would be casseroled-out by now. When I set off to start on the pizza dough, I quickly realized after I had made the dough for the first pizza that I didn't have a rolling pin. I had no idea where my mom's was or even if she had one. Then I quickly found my backup - a can of Pam cooking spray! It worked like a charm although I had to flour it quite frequently. By the time my parent's and Korey came home I had made three pizzas from scratch and that was my quota for the day! We had one for dinner that night.

For the pizza, I made a pepperoni and cheese pizza and then another one with pepperoni, Italian sausage, cheese and veggies both cooked on my pizza stone. The dough recipe and pizza sauce recipes were complements of Paula Deen. You'll hear about her alot!

After our pizza dinner we celebrated round two of Korey's birthday. Last weekend for his birthday we went to Denton and played Ultimate Frisbee with his friends on his actual bday. Afterwards we were so exhausted that we didn't even have the energy to play a game. We are so old!! (Oh and a note to all of you who like to make birthday cakes from scratch. If a cake has chocolate shavings on it that you are blowing out the birthday candles on...well you can only guess! Chocolate shavings everywhere!!) Since my parent's were in Canada they gave him their gifts last night. Afterwards we all shared (really fought over) cupcakes.

It is almost 10am...two hours before the shower and I haven't been allowed to leave my room this morning so that my sister and future sis-in-law can get stuff ready in the kitchen. I have no idea what I'm in for!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first post!

I gave in and am now following in footsteps of my friends. Funny how blogging is now replacing talking on the phone to someone about what's going on in their life. Ironically I'm giving in to the craze.

About me: I am 24 days away from getting married to an awesome guy. He is an illustrator and you can see who he is at We (me really) are stressed and busy but having fun! What you will hear about on this blog will be the final details of wedding preparation, thoughts on food because I love it!, and stories about family and friends. I currently live with my sister and my two dogs, Harley (boy) and Camo (girl). They are Blue Lacy dogs. Never heard of them? See

Here it goes: Tonight I made BBQ pork in the slow cooker for dinner. We ate it on sandwiches. It was my first time to make it and it was a success. Korey gave it a fist-pump which is his version of a thumbs-up. You can find the recipe here: