Monday, May 10, 2010


Korey ventured off to Argentina for a week - our first time apart ever :( to work alongside his former roommate Kurt who is a missionary there. He also got to do an art lesson with the kids at a local school. Here are some of the highlights (I graciously loaned him my camera for the week!).

This is Buenos Aires.

The church where Kurt works at.

This is Kurt in his backyard grilling meat. Apparently they eat alot of meat there. And croissants.

Guess what's behind the round, curly stuff? Intestines! Yuck.

Aregentina peeps.
A catholic church in a nearby city.

Kurt, his wife (who is Argentinian), and their youngest.

Korey eating some sort of hot dog looking thing.

Korey in front of the church.

Buenos Aires again.

Korey's school visit where the kids had to translate a poem and he helped them draw pictures of it.

With the school kids.

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