Sunday, May 30, 2010


My parents decided to take an Alaskan cruise and leave their children behind. :( But we volunteered to watch their house while they were gone so we could take advantage of the pool! And because we had discussed spending a weekend in San Antonio before the baby came but I didn't think I could endure a 5 hour car ride. My sister and I alternated weekends staying there with our hubbies and dogs. It was our first time to introduce the dogs to a big pool.

They were peeking over the edge until Korey picked them up and put them on the first step. From then on they were fearless on just the first step and thought they were standing in the best water bowl ever.

We decided that Harley needed to be watched closely because he and Camo spent hours chasing the pool cleaner around the pool and he fell in a few times as he cut around the edge.

This was my lifejacket when I was a kid!

This was the best form of exercise they've gotten because we didn't have to do anything and they entertained themselves by the pool all weekend.
There are no pictures of me I'm revealing because I was wearing a bikini and who wants to see a pregnant lady in a bikini??!!

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