Thursday, August 16, 2012

House Update - Walls & Wood

Here's this week's latest house update. 
Meet our chief inspector!  If he doesn't like what he sees he might engage you in a game of basketball.  Or hide in a closet when you're not watching.

They've added in the wood trim around the ceilings and the stairs.  Below is our dining room looking out onto the stairs.  We now have the wrought iron spindles added in.  We upgraded the spindles from the plain wooden ones all the way up to the top of the stairs and gracing one side of the landing.  We could have had spindles on the gameroom side but we decided to save our money there and let it just be a wall.  It's not a full wall as the gameroom has "windows" in the walls which are just large openings that look out over the stairs.

They've also finished the texture over the sheetrock which is the basis for our walls.  I guess it's just sprayed on.  Don't you just love those arched doorways!
We have kitchen cabinets!  The window you see in the far right of the picture will be over our sink.  We chose the darkest color of cabinets they had to choose from.  The current trend is painting your cabinets white but we'll stick with our dark colors.
The hole in the middle of the cabinets is where our dishwasher is going.  I wonder if I should add knobs to all the cabinets??
Alas, this is our kitchen island.  And the cabinet maker in the background.  Korey said he did all of this in one day.  This kitchen island is something I've always wanted in my future kitchen.  No matter how big or small, I wanted an island to be able to prep food on.  With the floorplan we chose, I didn't like the island that came with it.  I lobbied our sales guy to get the island that came with another floorplan.  It was supposed to have a breakfast bar area on the backside (the cabinet guy's side).  Well....this is what I got below.  Not the original one, and not the one I asked for.  A completely different island.   See the four cabinets and four drawers?  It looks exactly the same on the other side. We spent an hour last night debating about it.  Do we make them change it or do we keep it?  Then I went to look at it on my way to work and then Korey met the builder there.  I talked to the builder about it.  Then I called our sales guy on his day off (sorry!) to talk about it.  The dilemma was do we keep it, gain extra storage space and give up the eating area considering the kitchen table will be rightthere or do we have them rebuild the whole thing.
I think we've decided .to keep the island as it is.  After talking to the sales guy he said we're basically getting a custom island for free.  Well, not really for free because our house isn't free.  But it's a free upgrade, I guess.  I'm off to buy more dishes!

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