Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picasa Controls Blogger's Picture Uploads

As you may have noticed, this blog has been under construction for the past several days.  I've actually spent a few months trying to decide what I want this to be.  More on that later.

You may have noticed that my header has changed almost every day this week.  I was playing around with different headers and trying to decide which one I liked.  When I finally settled on a header, I went to upload it and I received an error message telling me I had exceeded my storage quota.

What?  I have a storage quota?  I had no idea.  The "help" link on this error message took me to Picasa Web albums where I saw every picture I have ever uploaded to my blog.  There was a tagline at the bottom saying I had hit 99.98% storage capacity.  Just great.  When I went to delete a photo, just one photo, it also deleted it from my blog.  On to plan B.

Then I consulted Google.  Doesn't everyone?  I discovered that I could go flip through the photos and find the previous header images I had uploaded, delete those, and then cross my fingers and hope for the storage space to be freed up.  Done.

It worked!  So before I break it again, I think I will leave it alone for a little while until I figure out exactly what I'm doing!

If you ever encounter this error message, when working in the Layout section of your blog, you will know exactly how to fix it.

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