Friday, August 10, 2012

The Gentle Zoo - Forney, TX

At the beginning of the summer, I bought a Living Social deal (or was it Groupon?) for this small petting zoo called The Gentle Zoo.  It was only $10 and was good for 4 people.  Since my weekends are so precious with Hunter, I bought one so that we could have some quality family time doing something fun.  Errands be gone, it was time to pet some animals!

When we turned off the main highway down the country road all we passed were houses.  And then I saw the sign for it which was in someone's front yard!  Yep, that's right.  We basically drove up to someone's property and they had a mini zoo in their backyard.

We knew it would be hot so we came prepared with sunscreen and cold drinks.  We started out by letting Hunter play on a trailer with hay bales.

When you enter, you can buy feed for the animals for $4.  It was enough to last us the entire time and apparently it's universal to all the animals.  Hunter fed the baby goats.

The animals are very used to people so they know that there is food beyond the fence where little ones have dropped it. Most of the animals were under a shaded roof so that was really nice because we avoided the direct sun.

It's a sheep!  Haha Hunter looks like he's tickling his chin.  It's ok Mr. Pig.  You're next.
"Oink, oink says the pig.
Chickens!  I don't think they kept Hunter's attention that long.
Hunter decided to chunk the feed to the miniature horse.
All of the animals, I believe, have been rescued in some way.  These were the two horses they had.

They even had a bounce house for the kids to play on but Hunter doesn't quite understand what he's supposed to do on it.
Back to the animals.  We still had lots of feed left to pass out.

Look at those sweaty curls on the back of my baby's head!  No, not the sheep!  haha  We got him a haircut later that day.
They even had a llama!

These spoons were hanging from chains so you could use them to feed the animals with.

After awhile Hunter just wanted to play with the spoon.  And he also became fascincated by a big rock they had in the area.  That's a 2 year old for you.
Ugh!  A direct sunlight blown out photo.  But they did have this cool John Deere tractor that had a mini train attached behind it.  We got a mini train ride around the property.  After this we took a break in the shade at some picnic tables.  See how close the cars are to the property?  It wasn't a big deal at all for us to run to our car to get our drinks.

Even though it was hot, this was really an easy and fun experience for us.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has kids.

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