Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

It's the last day of May and I'm still catching up on blogging!  We had a party-filled Mother's Day weekend since we celebrated a golden anniversary, my cousin's engagement (no pictures at all), and then Mother's Day on Sunday.  I was exhausted by the end of the weekend!

Here's me and my little guy. He totally hams it up now whenever he sees the camera.
And here's my mom and her grandbabies!  By the way I uploaded these to the blog before I edited them and didn't feel like going back and doing another upload.  Behold the unedited pics!

My trooper of a sister, her husband, and their new baby boy.
Another pic of me and the little guy.
The Scott's - Me, Hunter, and Korey
See...unedited!  My sister, my mom, and me.

Korey took these of me and Hunter at Shoemaker Hill Ranch.  We spent most of our time outside because the scenery was gorgeous and Hunter had energy to burn.

Hunter is eyeing his next place to run!  This is the back porch on the house and it wrapped around to the front.  My favorite place to be!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Early Morning

Korey is up working every morning before I even know the world exists again.  When Hunter wakes up he is sometimes grumpy.  Sometimes the Bubble Guppies "Line Up" song helps cure those early morning cobwebs.
The video is on the left for Hunter and Korey's work is on the right.

All smiles!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Golden Anniversary

My aunt and uncle celebrated 50 years together on Mother's Day weekend.  The whole family gathered together at Shoemaker Hill Ranch to celebrate.  Here's a picture of the happy couple holding their wedding photo.  Congrats!

And if you've never been to Shoemaker Hill Ranch the scenery was amazing and the house was gorgeous.  My favorite spot was the swing on the front porch.  So peaceful!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Smile

I'm working on editing the pictures from my aunt's 50th wedding anniversary and I just had to stop and share this one.  The smile on my dad's face says it all!  And this little boy loves his Papa!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

22 Months

Our almost 2 year old going on 4 year old turned 22 months on Saturday.  I snapped these quick pictures while at my sister's house.

He's up to two consecutive words in his vocabulary and he can count to ten.  I've started trying to teach him sight words but haven't found any good flashcards to use.

On Sunday Korey was getting the jogging stroller out of the closet and Hunter said, "Get it!" in a very bossy voice.  We made him repeat his phrase adding on "please."  He has become rather bossy lately.  No idea where he gets that from!  :) 

This little man can count to ten now and starts repeating an alphabet song he's listened to.  Just the first five letters though.  He loves structure and routine.  After his bath at night he and I sit on the couch so he can drink his milk before we go get on our bed to read a Bible story and pray.  One night he woke up at 2am asking for milk and then he said, "couch."  There I sat, half asleep on the couch, holding him while he drank more milk before he went back to sleep. 

Cheesy grin!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What We've Been Up to

Well!  It's been an adventure lately.  It all started one afternoon when Korey and Hunter went park hunting.  They came across a neighborhood he really liked and he texted me saying how nice it was.  Then he mentioned there was a model home.  I encouraged him to go in just to see what it looked like.  He went in and was in love!  This was in April.  So on Good Friday since I had the day off he took me to see it.  I started crying when I walked in it was so nice.  And there was space!  Lots of space!

Then Korey started talking about the possibility of us building with this particular builder.  We knew what the price was and I told him we'd have to eat beans and rice for another year.  Literally.  It made my hyperventilate.  Then Korey discovered that the same builder was building the same house in another neighborhood that was significantly cheaper.  When he told me the price the hyperventilating returned.  But neither one of us could stop talking about the house and one night we finally crunched numbers and figured out financially we could do it.  Korey even brought me a 3 page strategic plan that outlined our expenses and our savings and what would happen if we had two mortgages.  He was speaking this accountant's love language.  And may I remind you that he is the artist and I'm the numbers person.

Here's a quick timeline of how our April went:

April 6- Good Friday - Model Home visit
April 15 - Both felt led to see "cheaper" neighborhood again
April 16-20 - Korey got our house ready to show.  He steam cleaned carpets and moved out half of our belongings.
April 20 - Met with realtor
April 23 - Signed contract on new house
Aprl 26 - Our current house was listed
April 27 - 3 showings
April 28 - 2 showings and 2 offers

To date we've had at least 15 showings.  That is exhausting!

I can't believe how fast this was going!  So fast that everytime Korey and I talked it was a logistical conversation about being out of the house and meetings and contracts to sign.  It was super stressful!  But Korey was a rockstar through this whole process because whenever the new house sales guy or the realtor needed to talk to someone they called him.

Side note - Korey and I have been talking about buying a new house for a couple of years now but we said we would never build because lots were just too expensive.  Well...scratch that!

Whenever we got a call for a house showing we camped out at my parent's house.  Here are a few pictures from our time there.

The dogs were in doggy heaven with that big water bowl/pool.

We spent most of our time on the back porch.  My mom was super awesome in feeding us at the last minute whenever I called her.

Korey and Hunter was watching water squirt out of the "sting ray."
And here it is!  The site of our new home.  It's the big grassy lot.
And this was taken on 5/17.  This is really a dream come true for us!  Not because we're going to have a bigger, "material" item to own but because my dream for so long is to be able to use our home for ministry purposes. We both have been praying for our future neighbors and how we can use our home for God's glory. Can't wait to see what God has in store!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tractor, Tractor

Hunter has moved on from Elmo and we are now on to his latest fascination - tractors!  I guess it started because my dad has a John Deere lawnmower so whenever he is over there he always wants to go out in the garage to see it.  We let him watch educational videos on Youtube and one day he asked for a tractor video.  So we found some and now his favorite video to watch is of a John Deere tractor pull.  Weird!

Living where we do I remembered that I had seen a John Deere place so I looked it up and one Friday night Hunter and I set out for the John Deere dealership.  You might be a redneck if... you take your son here just so he can see tractors!  When we got there they were five minutes away from closing so the next time we went back Korey came, too.

Let me tell you Korey's eyes got big when we pulled into the parking lot a couple of Saturdays ago.  He thought it was just as neat as Hunter did!  Those tractors are HUGE!  We let Hunter walk around among the tractors outside and I took pictures.

Korey is 6"1' so you can get perspective on how tall that tire is.

Hunter is giving us his cheesy grin.

Another cheesy grin!  He was loving this adventure.  (Can you see the price tag on that tractor?)

We thoroughly enjoyed this free adventure!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easter 2012 Part 2

These are the pictures I took from our Easter weekend in Houston.

Easter morning we woke up and Miss Corey got the boys to help her make Resurrection rolls.  (My white balance is off in the first 2 pics and I didn't feel like editing it).

Brandon is ready.

Hunter must be hungry.  And his favorite toy over the weekend became one of the cat toys.  Great.
You dip the marshmallow in the butter.
Then you roll it in the crescent roll.
Then you dip it in more butter and cinnamon sugar and bake.  I never got to taste any but I heard they were good.

After we were all dressed we went out to the back porch to play
Miss Corey had the Lifeway Easter eggs so she was trying to read to Brandon.

No idea what Hunter was upset about.
Brandon was paying attention but Hunter was off to play.
Here's Hunter's Easter gifts we set out for him.
Examining his stuff.
He got some sidewalk chalk so we were picking up all the pieces.
He's probably screaming here.
Just a swinging!

The cousins posing for a picture outside.

The boys with their Nana.  Hunter was done at this point.
I guess I didn't ask anyone to actually smile when I tried to take this!