Friday, October 14, 2011

Korey's Surprise Parties

Yes, parties is plural!  Korey does not like to celebrate his birthday so I did what any good wife would do...I threw him a surprise party times two!

The first party was on a weeknight.  We met my family at Freebird's.  It was dark and I only have one picture of him from that night after my camera battery ran out.  So just take a moment to imagine his surprise...

Ok done!  Now on to party # two.  Korey spent all day Friday and Saturday at an art conference.  He got to meet with an art director from Simon and Schuster and show him his work.  This was an opportunity for him to meet face to face with an art director to see his portfolio because most of the time he sends postcards with samples of his new work to different publishers so you never know if that postcard gets buried in a stack of mail on someone's desk.  He also attended writing sessions because he would love to one day write and illustrate his own book.  So while he was working on his dream I was running around like mad to get ready.

Korey actually got home 30 minutes before the guests arrived so I went ahead and told him what was going on.  I had already cleaned and cooked so he didn't have to worry about that.

Here's our first set of guests that arrived.  Luke and Christy and their two daughters, Lucy and Jillian.

Ronnie and Luke are enjoying their second bowl of chili.  Ronnie is about to graduate from DTS.  It's taken him 7 years because he's been working and enjoying having a family.  I told him we'd have to have another party to celebrate.

I was a little worried that the older girls wouldn't want to play with all the baby toys we had but they entertained themselves!  And actually I don't have pics of them because they were off playing their own game.

Below is Jenny, Ronnie's wife watching the kids play.

And then little Miss Jillian decided that she needed to fit into the smallest space possible.  Go figure.

We also ate pumpkin pie for dessert, one of Korey's favorites, and chocolate chip cookies which I made for the kids.

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