Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Korey and I are back from vacation and arrived just in time to let Hunter celebrate in today's festivities.

Last week my office hosted a Halloween costume contest and pumpkin carving contest.  This is Julie our receptionist dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite.  She's doing the dorky dance he does.

I loved this pumpkin!  So simple yet so creative!  You can tell a girl did it haha!
And the winner of the contest!  Lego Star Wars man.  It took him several minutes to get this thing on.
And "Deb" part of the Napoleon Dynamite group.  This is Doni, one of the executive assistants.

Our flight landed this afternoon and then Hunter met us at the airport!  With my mom, of course.  I immediately reverted out of vacation mode and was ready to go somewhere so we went to the Fall Festival at Cottonwood Creek.  Since Hunter was really too small to participate we just let him run around the church.

My parents attend this church so they were volunteering at the food tables.  My dad always mans the cotton candy machine every year.

Hunter loved all the people and getting to walk around.  He did not want us to hold his hand so we could keep up with him.  We found an empty hallway and let him go.
Vacation pics, pumpkin patch pics, and what to do with your leftover Halloween candy pics coming soon!

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