Monday, March 19, 2012

20 Months

I got Hunter's haircut over the weekend and now he seems like he's going on 3.  He's becoming more and more "boy" everyday.  Saturday, Korey worked in the yard most of the day and Hunter wanted to be outside with him.  He had an absolute fit when it was time to come in.

He is soaking up everything we teach him.  Lately it seems like he's trying to put two words together and he has little babbling conversations with himself.  He's going to be a talker.

He's watching a pre-bedtime alphabet video.  We are thankful for Youtube!

 His favorite toy lately is this battery-operated truck.

I've introduced him to the potty and I cheer whenever he sits on it but lately he tells me no whenever I ask him if he wants to go.  I'm not worried yet because it's still early and part of me isn't ready to train him yet.  I told Korey he's becoming so much more big boy that I miss having a baby around!

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