Thursday, March 15, 2012


This past weekend my sister-in-law was in town so I told her I would be making waffles for breakfast.  I decided to fancy it up and make her feel like she was at a B&B.  We'll disregard the fact that she had to sleep on the couch.  :)

I used my Classic Waffles recipe and put this together in just a few minutes.  This could be an appetizer or a dessert or you could even serve it at a brunch.  It's versatile, delicious, and I'm almost embarrassed to write out the recipe because it's just so easy!  To eat, just simply dunk a waffle wedge into the glass of syrup.  No forks needed! 


1 homemade waffle cut into fourths
Maple syrup or pancake syrup
Fresh fruit

To assemble, pour syrup into martini glass.  Cut small slit into wedges of waffles.  Insert over the edge of the glass.  Serve with fresh fruit.

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