Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

We sent our baby off to his first day of preschool and of course being the newbie that I am I don't have a picture with his backpack and lunchbox or a picture of his teachers. But here he is before we left the house.

Why am I so scary looking in this pic?

Korey and I both took him this morning and I went in late to work. I felt dumb saying to the teachers that they would never see me bring him or pick him up since I work in Dallas but oh well. When Korey picked him up he said he was playing with the blocks and was excited to see him and wasn't fussy at all. On Sunday mornings when we pick him up he starts crying as soon as he sees us. I'm hoping this is a good start! We got a note saying he rested quietly haha meaning he didn't sleep, poor thing. And he ate most of his lunch. I'm so glad he had a good day!

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