Monday, September 5, 2011

My Square Meal

I recently discovered a news article on these and knew that it would be the perfect thing to use for Hunter's lunch when he goes to preschool. I actually bought it first for a bday gift. And for only $9.95 it was a fantastic deal. Plus, I didn't order them directly from the website because I'm cheap and didn't want to pay shipping but I did find them at a Bedazzled store near my house. I never shop here because it's expensive boutique items. I thought the store might have these marked up above the $9.95 price I saw but I figured I would give it a shot. And they didn't...they were the same price!

For $9.95 I got the box, the painted name on the front, plus they gift wrapped one of them for me I gave out as a birthday gift. At no extra charge! Gotta love that. They also have lunch bags that will hold the boxes but Hunter had already gotten one for his bday so I'm using that.

Apparently the new trend on the internet is making your kids lunch into lunches with themes or using cookie cutters to make fun shapes. See here and here. I'm not sure how far I'll go in trying to be "that mom" but hey I'm not against making his lunch fun. What we do just to encourage our kids to eat!

Since Hunter is only 13 months old and doesn't even comprehend what a shape is and needs his food in small bites I thought he might still like to see his food in a fun container. Plus, I don't have to go searching for multiple containers to put his food in.

Sorry for the flipped pics! There's cheese, waffle bites, cheerios, peas, bananas, and some roast beef on a tortilla that is cut up.

He likes it! The spork came with it and he picked it up right away and started trying to use it.

Haha this picture doesn't show Hunter throwing his food. I just know I'm getting a call on the first day!

Did he eat all of this? No. Did he spit alot of it out? Yes, which is his newest thing if he's not throwing the food or trying to feed it to the dogs. But trust me, by dinner he usually eats a great meal because he's hungry by then.

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