Monday, September 26, 2011

The Heard Museum

A few weeks ago I was able to get free tickets to the Heard Museum, courtesy of Museum Day.  We had never been and I had always wanted to go since we pass it at least a hundred times as we travel to and from my parent's house.

The Heard is comprised of nature trails, a museum and an animal exhibit.  There are plenty of picnic tables on the property and by the time we left there were several families having a picnic before they set out.

The path less traveled...                                                       Hunter discovered rocks.

Korey and Hunter scaled the ampitheater.  Our boy loves to climb lately!  I caught him trying to climb one of our bookcases at home.

The two pausing after their victory.
We saw lots of beautiful butterflies. We walked through the enclosed butterfly exhibit but all of my pictures turned out dark.  I ended up chasing the butterflies outside. 
And we encountered dinosaurs!  The museum was getting these set up for their Dinosaurs Alive exhibit coming up in Oct.

Me and my sweet boy took time to pause for a pic.
Our family photo. 

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