Friday, September 2, 2011

Super Dad

Hunter: Hey, Grandma and Grandpa where are you going?

G&G: Well Hunter it's our 40th wedding anniversary so we're going on a Mediterranean cruise.

Hunter: Who's going to play with me while you're gone? I don't start preschool until 2 more weeks.

G&G: Your mom and dad of course. See ya!

Hunter: Oh, ok.


Me: Hunter has a fever. Can you take him to the dr tomorrow?

Korey: OK


Hunter: Hey mommy where ya going?

Me: I have to go to work. You get to stay home with Daddy. He is going to take you to the dr.

Hunter: Oh, ok. Mommy why am I so hot? And cold? I don't feel good.

Me: I know baby.

Later that day...

Korey: The nurse asked me how we took his temperature so I told her rectally. I think that's the first time I used the word rectal in front of a stranger.

Me: (After laughing) What did the dr say?

Korey: She said it's not strep but just a virus. It should be over in 3 days.


Me: Hunter your fever is now 103.5. The nurse said we may have to go to the ER if it hits 105.

Me: Korey did the dr say that a day is counted by 24 hours or the day of the week? Is this day 2 or day 3 of the virus? He first had the fever on Sunday. Shouldn't this be over?

Korey: I don't know.

Hunter: zzzzzzzzz

Later that night after his fever came down...

Me: Korey are you coming to bed?

Korey: No, I have to stay up and work. This project has to be done this week.


Me at 7am: Korey what time did you come to bed?

Korey: 4am

Me: You got 3 hours of sleep?

Later that night...

Me: Korey are you coming to bed?

Korey: No, I've got more work to do.


Hunter: How come Daddy doesn't wake up early like I do?

Me: Because he has been staying up late working after he takes care of you all day.

Hunter: I didn't do anything except sleep on his chest all day. I'm just so tired. Must be this hot forehead I have. And he keeps trying to make me drink water. Can you tell him to stop? I just want my bottles back. Then he tried to make me eat a popsicle. It was too cold for me. And what's up with the juicy juicy straw? You know I can only drink from a Capri Sun straw.

Me: According to this digital thermometer that I have used umpteen times on you this week, I think your fever may have broken.

Hunter: Oh, that's good. I do feel better. Can I go play now?

Me (later that day): Hunter what are all these red spots on you? Is it a food allergy?

Hunter: I don't know. I haven't eaten that much this week since I didn't feel good.


Hunter: Mommy I still have these red spots. They are everywhere. What are they?

Me: I don't know. I'll consult Google.

Me: Korey, did he eat anything weird? Could it have been the juicy juice box? Or the wheat toast? Maybe the pomegranate juice in the juice box?

Later that day...

Korey letting out a big sigh: You're home. He won't sit still and he's been off and on cranky all day. Almost like he'll just start having a fit for no reason if he doesn't get his way. I can only concentrate on my work for 3 minutes at a time. And he has red spots on his stomach now.

Me: Hunter let me see your red spots.

Me: Well the closest thing I can find to his rash is that it may be a food allergy. Or scarlet fever. I'm not sure. But I don't think it's scarlet fever although it does say it's a rash that follows strep throat and since he was close to having strep maybe that's it. Maybe not. Or is it hives? I don't think so because it's not raised welts.

Korey: I told my mom and she said it could be roseola.

Me: Ah hah! Roseola. I'll look it up. I didn't think of that one. Yep, Google says he has roseola. I'll call the nurse.

Me: Well the nurse confirmed it's roseola. But she made it sound like it's just a side effect of the fever and it should go away in a few days. I guess that means we can't take him to the birthday party tomorrow.

Later tonight...

Hunter: Mommy, why is Daddy sleeping again?

Me: Because he's been busy helping you get over your sickness this week and trying to work.

Hunter: Oh he should sleep then. He held me alot when I didn't want to play. Cause I didn't feel good.

Korey: (whispers to Hunter)

Hunter: What's that Daddy? You said "I win?" Oh, ok. Mommy, Daddy says I win this week.

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