Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Honduras 2011

Back in April, Korey got contacted by someone to illustrate a book for him.  More on what was involved in this process in another post.  He found out it was for a nonprofit agency, Sharefish.  When Korey found out the author was going to Honduras and taking a group with him, he decided he wanted to go, too. 

I'm borrowing the following from Korey's blog about his trip to Honduras.

"I just got back from a trip to Honduras. I illustrated the book, A Sharefish Tale, for the non profit group The book will be out in print sometime in December or January. The goal is to use the money from the book sale to buy more books for the library in El Corrizo, Honduras.

Sharefish was created as organization to improve education, nutrition, housing, medical and economic opportunities in impoverished communities. Sharefish is currently focused on improving the lives of children in two small communities in southern Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

On our trip, the goal was to celebrate "Dia del Nino" with the kids. "Dia del Nino" is a national celebration to honor children. The kids were able to make crafts, jump rope, read new books, and draw pictures. I took down some of my Doodlin' Pads to donate to the library.

When the book is available, I will let you know. Below are a few pictures from the trip. My goal as an illustrator is to hopefully do more of these trips. I want my art to be more than a picture. I want to use it to help others."

Here is my husband!
This is a prototype of the book he illustrated.

The kids are in one of the churches drawing pictures.  Every day they would go hang out with the kids, play soccer with them, and give them time to draw.
This was a scene on the busride from the airport.  I love how green it is!

Here is one of the librarys located inside a church in a small town.  Korey said one of the towns they went to only had 300 people in it.  Many of the families can't afford to pay for their children to attend school.  Sharefish is just doing what they can to help further the education of these children so they can have the skills necessary for life.
Korey took this picture for me.  In Thai this is a a tuk tuk.  I rode in one of these taxis when I lived in Thailand.  Not sure what they are called in Honduras.
A typical Honduran home.
This is the founder of Sharefish, Oie (pronounced Owey).  The school gave him an award for his dedication to furthering education.  Through his organization you can sponsor a child so that they can afford to attend school.  Their organization reminds me of what Compassion does.

When Korey got home he talked nonstop about his trip and mentioned going back next year and taking me!

Be a Sharefish!
FROM THE HOMELESS TO THE HOPELESS, THERE IS OVERWHELMING NEED IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, OUR CITY, OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WORLD. We’ve heard the question “How can I possibly help?” and we’ve come up with a simple answer. Share. By sharing something of yourself — a little time, a little money, a little love — you can make a drastic difference in someone’s life. This site gives you the opportunity to share with people in need in Honduras, but you can be a Sharefish anywhere. Put some money in a parking meter that's expiring. Hand a bag of food to a homeless person. Volunteer at the Food Bank. Buy 5 cups from the kid's lemonade stand on the corner. Once you start sharing, the world instantly becomes a better place.

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