Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hunter's First Haircut

A couple of days before Christmas we took Hunter to get his first haircut.  We had just taken him to see Santa earlier that day which didn't go well so we knew we were in for it by attempting to have his hair cut, too.  However, this went much better than Santa!

I had to put his cape on and tell him it was a bib but halfway through the haircut he started pulling it off.

Thank goodness he was in the racing car seat because that was a good distraction.  Dora was playing on the TV but he isn't a TV watcher.

We're almost done!

I think he was looking up at his dad at the time.  Such a cute face.  There were no tears for his haircut just some fussing and squirming.
Don't forget my sides!
The finished product.  While I think we paid way too much it was great for his first time.  I love the new look!

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