Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kerusso Retreat - Part 2

(My computer has been acting up thus the delay in posting part 2!)

If you missed Part 1 of the Kerusso Retreat go here!

Now where were we?  Hunter was acting as the local horse whisperer.  The black horse loved having us around.  I think if there hadn't have been a fence Hunter would have probably hugged the horses's legs.

I noticed there was a nice, clean line of grass at the edge of the fence where the horses had eaten it.
Again, I have a thing for barns.
I tried to move to another part of the Ranch but Hunter decided he'd rather be with the horses.
This was the inside of the barn.
We found a pinecone tree and I had to take photos.
This is the bear skin that greeted us in our cabin.  The light quality isn't very good but you get the idea.  I took a picture of the bathroom but for some reason it wouldn't upload.  The bathroom cabinet literally was so tall that it came up to Korey's waist.  So that was probably about four feet?  I think it came up to my chest.  Korey loved it because he didn't have to bend over.  I was miserable.

Then there was the bed.  It was super tall too.  There were no steps up to it just a little bench at the foot.  When I tried to climb up onto the bench in the dark, I fell.  Take two.  Korey had to hold the bench while I catapulted myself into bed.
This table sat near the door and had the guestbook, a large basket of chocolate candy, and the cabin rules.  Check out the beautiful colors outside the window!
This was the front porch of the cabin which connected to the stone building.  That building is called the Loft I think and was a hunter's dream and a vegetarian's nightmare.  There were full-size animals everywhere that I guess the owner had hunted and then had mounted.
This was the view right off of our porch.  Gorgeous!
I found a little chair perfect for Hunter's size in our living room and we had a mini photo session.
Here are the men of Kerusso.  They are looking at someone else's camera so I just snapped a quick photo.  The guy in the middle is Jay who is the founder.
It's a sippy break for Hunter.  Check out his sick face.  Yep, sick again.  No fever though.  And on Saturday I woke up with another round of a dreaded crud that I'm still not over.  We didn't stay the whole weekend though for which I'm glad.  We drove back Saturday night once the meetings and dinner were over.  On Sunday we all stayed home so we could conquer our sickness.

This was the front porch of the bunkhouse.  Love this red rocker!
I think this was called the Guest House.  It's where we would have our meals and our meetings.  There was a screened-in porch off the back that led down to the dock.  I loved the back porch because Hunter could run around, explore, and he was contained!
Thanks to the Tuttle's for letting us crash their Ranch for the weekend!

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