Monday, December 5, 2011

Kerusso Retreat - Part 1

It is a little known fact that I do non-profit accounting on the side, in addition to my day job.  The organization is called Kerusso and the founder is married to a girl I went to college with.  Since I have mad accounting skills (haha) they had recruited me to help and I've been with them for about a year now.

This past weekend was a combined Board meeting and retreat out near Canton, TX at a placed called Tuttle Ranch.  Korey and Hunter picked me up after work and we set off down Hwy 80 towards Terrell with a sick, fussy toddler.  Fun times.

However, we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Terrell called Dos Aces which provided great food, the MOST FRIENDLY people we've ever met in a town (we're going to move there now), and some fun music provided by an old country soul named Bob Dilley.  We would have stuck around but adventure called.

After we made it to Grand Saline I realized our directions specified that we should have been heading to the ranch from Canton and not Grand Saline.  Our directions also specified that we should be looking for a specific Country Road and a meat market sign to turn near.  Can anyone see sign landmarks in the dark?  We couldn't and it produced many "lively" conversations.  But we made it and after saying Hi to another college friend we headed off to our cabin.  We were greeted by a huge bear skin displayed on our living room wall.  I'll show you that pic tomorrow.

The next morning we joined everyone for breakfast and then some acoustic praise and worship and devotion time.  This is Shane and his wife leading us.

After a long day of meetings and no pictures, we ventured outside to play.  This little guy soaked in the outdoors.

He discovered this big guy and proceeded to feed him lots of clover at the fence.  Hunter is definitely not shy around animals.

I couldn't ignore this rustic barn nearby.

Korey took our picture by the barn.  Hunter is probably trying to take his hood off.

Korey claims he also took this photo.  This was the other horse that was on the ranch that Hunter was fascinated with.  We compared them with our Harley and Camo because of their colors and personalities.
And this photo I get to take credit for!  This was our gorgeous view on the grounds of the ranch.
And back to that old barn.  I have a thing for architecture, but only in photo-taking.

And then it was back to the horses.  Stay tuned for more photos!

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