Thursday, December 1, 2011

Once Upon a Mutant

Another book illustrated by Korey is out!

He got contacted by a friend of someone he had already done a book for.  We love referrals!  She had just finished writing a book and needed an illustrator.  The fun part is that she lives in Saudi Arabia and her last name happens to be Sultan!

The book is called "Once Upon a Mutant" and is the story of a boy who comes across a town of non-accepting mutants.

Here is the cast of mutants:

 Here are copies of the book.  On the author's blog, she mentions that the book is in a store in Jeddah.  Jeddah is near the Red Sea.  So cool to have one of his books that far away!
 She also mentioned that it's for sale in a candy store.  (Korey says she knows alot of people so that's why it's in places like these).  There it is on the vertical rack on the wall.  Eat some candy and read a book!
Here is a picture from one of the pages Korey illustrated.  This depicts the green mutant...notice how the whole picture is cast in green?

This is available to download on Itunes!

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