Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

For Thanksgiving we ventured down south with this guy.  It's typically a five hour drive but even with leaving in midday it turned into over five hours.  I lost count at 4 hours when this little guy had had enough.  No nap, snack, toy, or even a couple of breaks to let him walk around would do.  Enough was enough, he screamed!  So we stopped at the gas station and loaded up his sippy cup with milk.  He fell asleep - literally - five minutes before we pulled into the driveway.  Just as I predicted.

After making pink salad for our Thanksgiving festivities, we all ventured outside so Hunter could play on the deck.

He swang...

He moved furniture...

He sat...
He got down...

He executed the most adorable baby face ever...

And he sat some more to show off his awesome photogenic skills.

Meanwhile, Korey's mom smiled because she loved watching Hunter play and Korey slipped into his "I'm at my momma's house" coma.  The kind of coma that involved hanging out in the recliner after he ate lots of turkey later that day.  And the kind of coma that involved just that sense of peace you get when you're at your momma's house.
Korey's mom smiled some more as she pushed Hunter in the swing.  We/she still doesn't know her Grandma name yet.  It was Nana but that's what Hunter calls a banana.  We'll get there!

Then Korey found the sit and spin thing on the deck.  Hunter didn't quite understand the sit part.  He was more content just to push the buttons that played the music.

Korey borrowed my camera and took some family photos.
Korey told us to look off in the distance.  I think we're checking out the fence.

Since Hunter doesn't sit still he only lasted on the deck for so long before he figured out that there was more to explore beyond it.  After this photo my battery died and then we ate our Thanksgiving lunch so insert feasting photos here.
The next day we went outside again.  The deck was our favorite place to hang out.

I have no words for this photo!  Korey just told me to take a picture of them facing the brick wall.
AMAZING!!  We are all three smiling.  You can't tell that Hunter is starting to squirm either!  Family photo 2011!!
Since Hunter had had enough of family photo time he went back to exploring.  He loved touching the solar lights in the yard.

We showed him the cat up in the tree.

Later that day we went to a nearby park so Hunter could get even more outdoor time.
He slid down the slide with Korey and then we let him slide down by himself on a smaller slide.  Since it took both of us to manage that I don't have any pictures.

That wraps up our Thanksgiving 2011!

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