Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sunday afternoon I took this little guy out for a couple of errands.  As we were heading into one store, a female worker was coming in behind us with some shopping carts.  When Hunter saw her, he said "Hi."  So simple and so sweet.  He says "Hi" or "Hey" to anyone he sees when we go out.  When we go to the grocery store, I won't know there is someone behind me until he says, "Hi" to them.

But here's the point...after Hunter said "Hi" to her she smiled and said "Hi" back.  Then I overheard her telling a coworker that a little baby said Hi to her and it made her day.  One word made her day.  I don't know who she was or what her story is but a sincere word made her day.

When I was at A&M it was typical for Corps guys to say "Howdy" to you as they passed by.  Sometimes other students took up that tradition, too, but it was mostly kept intact by the Corps.  And just hearing it made me step a little lighter as I walked across campus.

Imagine how many people's days we can make, just by saying "Hi" to them.  It shows we care about them even though we may not know them.
15 months and already God is using him to teach me so much!  Love this little dude!

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