Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Before we left on vacation, Korey's mom came up for a visit so we ventured out to a pumpkin patch.  Now that Hunter is walking and never still we knew this would be a good opportunity for him to enjoy it.

This is the entrance shot.  Note the policeman Hunter is holding.  It's always with him when we go out.  I guess he's not too sure about this pumpkin patch thing.  He wasn't feeling 100% either which seems to be the story of our life lately.

When we got inside it was a parent paparazzi fest.  All the kids were dressed in their cutest boutique clothes so that the parents could take pictures of them.  It was hot, crowded, and we were all vying for the nearest farm decoration so could place our child near and take his picture.  Craziness!

We sat Hunter down on the ground near some pumpkins and Korey started drumming on them so he could try it out.
If it weren't for the shadows and the snot this would be an awesome picture!
Here's Nana!  Hunter is NOT pickig his nose haha.  The boy would not be still so she's probably holding tightly onto him because he had places to go.

As part of our entrance fee they gave us feed for the animals.  Hunter LOVED feeding these animals and was not scared at all.  He kept trying to snatch our feed cups to get food out so he could feed the animals.

Now he's up close and personal.  Maybe it's because we have two dogs at home who he constantly talks to and lets out of their crates, it makes him unafraid.

Korey decided to take advantage of the open space and chase Hunter around so he could burn off some energy.  He mentioned he should just bring him there every day so he could wear him out.
So excited about the pumpkins, mama!
Our family photo.  Hunter wants down!
Eeeekkk cuteness!  Such a little man.

By this point Korey had stolen my camera and taken his own photos of Hunter.
We found Bevo in the back of the property and Hunter was super eager to feed it.  He even got a big cow lick on his hand.
Korey, maybe we should just go live on a farm?  I know who can feed the animals.
And he's off!  He never stops.
There were lots of pumpkins to go and see and he did not want to hang out with us.  The little dude doesn't like you holding his hand either in public.  Sigh.

I'm holding his hands so that he won't run off!
I saw this wind mill on the property and had to take photos.  So cool!
We took a snack break and hung out in some rocking chairs.  Hunter was close to being done.

This is Korey and Hunter's rock band album cover pose.  Or is Hunter whistling for that cow to come over?
We finished up 3 hours later - yes 3 hours - on the hayride.  By this point Hunter was done and ready to go.  He fell asleep about ten minute into our car ride home.  We had a blast and we will definitely go again next year!

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