Tuesday, November 22, 2011

16 Months

This little guy doesn't sit still.  As you can see in these photos he is constantly on the move.  He says, "Hi" to everyone.  Everyone.  And he keeps saying, "Hi" until you say it back.  It's so funny to see how people will be in a fog but will look up when they see that Hunter wants their attention.

And he says, "Hey" alot.  It means "I want that...Give me what you're eating...Hand me that remote control/cell phone/car keys."  We've seen a few tantrums lately, too.  I thought it was too soon for that.  Last night in the middle of a crying fit, Korey went to get him some milk while I sat with him.  When Korey handed him the milk he stopped crying long enough to say, "Doh" and then started drinking his milk.  We think "Doh" is his way of saying "Thank you."  But it was just funny to see him have manners in the middle of a crying storm.  We think his crying fit was just a plot to sleep in our bed.  As soon as he drank his milk he turned over in our bed and went right to sleep.  We're on to you Hunter!

One of his weird things he does is look at what's above him.  Last night as I was rocking him before bed he noticed the fan wasn't on.  So he looked up and pointed at it and started saying a word.  I figured out he wanted it on.
I've been trying to teach him some sign language so that he can communicate with us.  Right now we're working on "All done" and "Please."  He'll communicate "All done" most of the time if I prompt him, but "Please" is another story.

Here's his sweet, but blurry face.

Happy 16 months to the little dude that can make us irritated and laugh all in the same minute!

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