Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Saturday Hunter's favorite cousin was in town...Brandon!  His parents had come up to Dallas for a wedding so Uncle Kevin and Brandon came and hung out with us. 

Here, Hunter is checking out Brandon.  I know Brandon felt right at home with all the toys to play with.  Hunter was just fascinated with watching Brandon play.

Brandon thought all of Hunter's toys were cool. 

Then Korey tried to play hide-and-seek with Brandon.  Here he is sneaking up on him.  Brandon wasn't a total fan.  He would say, "Scared, scared."

After the boys played we went out and ate dinner.  When we got home I gave both boys a bath (how do moms of twins do it?) and then they played some more.

Hunter found one of my stretchy exercise band things that you use around your legs and Korey took it and made it into a Rambo sling.  See the sippy cup hanging off the back?

Here's Uncle Kevin with his favorite nephew!

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