Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cayman Islands - Part 2

Back to the Caymans....see Part 1 if you missed it.

This is us....getting rest and relaxation.  I had a friend comment about how long we slept that first full day.  Let me just say that I made us get up when I realized what time it was.  That's how tired we were.  And I dont' think there was a time difference while we were there.  Maybe one hour.  I wasn't keeping track of time.
We ate!  Every night we would pick a different dessert.  Our favorite was sticky toffee pudding.  I don't think I'd ever had it but it was soooo good.  So good in fact that we ordered it again on our last night.  And then the kitchen sent mine out cold so I sent it back.  Nicely, of course.  Then they gave us two more sticky toffee puddings.  Four in all!  I only ate my one while, ahem, someone else ate two.

This was one of Korey's dessert choices one night.  It's banana cream pie with ice cream and a banana that's been caramelized with sugar.  I wish I had gotten to taste it.

After 3 days of R&R my Type A kicked in and I was ready to venture beyond the hotel.  We booked a trip to swim with the dolphins followed by a trip to the turtle farm.  One of the other fun things to do in the Caymans is to swim with stingrays but I had experienced that previously as an excursion on a cruise.  Korey didn't want to do that made him nervous since Steve Irwin died.

This is the area where we got to swim with the dolphins.  They literallly gave us a lifejacket and told us to jump in the water.  That was the scariest part!  We were able to make them dance, they swam under our hands so we could feel their skin and we gave them a kiss.  Their mouth is very hard!  Best of all, we were able to grab their fins and go on a short belly ride up to the dock.  One of the dolphins had a shark bite scar on its side.  The trainer said that she had been a rescue.  All the rest were born in captivity, I believe.  At the end of our time they had the dolphins do the Sea World type jumps.  So cool to be in the water just feet away from them!

They took pictures of us while we were doing all of this and of course the photographer captured pics of me making weird/surprised faces because one of the dolphins snuck up on me!  Hahaha we didn't buy that photo!

Here is a photo of us with one of the dolphins.  Our hands are underneath like we are holding her up.
If you look below where the guy is standing you can see a few dolphin heads peeping out of the water. They were taking a break with the trainer.

After the dolphins we headed over to the turtle farm so I snapped a quick picture of the town around us.

Then our bus driver decided to take us here!

To be continued...

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