Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I stayed home with Hunter while Korey went to church.  He's had a runny nose and I thought it best to keep him out of the nursery.  Since I work during the week, we don't get alot of quality playtime.  So we spent that time just playing.

His newest love is our broom.  He loves to push and drag it across our kitchen floor.  It's not like I sweep our floor every day (even though, ahem, I should) so it's just funny to see how attached he is to it.

Then we decided to watch some TV and that lasted all of ten seconds.  He prefers the remote.  Or the car keys or my cell phone.  Did I mention he's managed to conference call my mom?  Didn't even know I had conference calling!

Then after playing in his room for a little bit, we played peek-a-boo.
Whhhheeeerrreee's Hunter?

There he is!
He also spent time watching our dogs outside.  I know this picture isn't very bright but if I had some photo editing software (Hi Santa!) I could fix it!

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