Monday, November 7, 2011

Cayman Islands

Korey and I had the awesome privilege of spending five days in the Cayman Islands for vacation.  My company rewards its employees every year with a trip somewhere and the Cayman Islands were this year's destination.  Spouses were invited!  We had the option of bringing Hunter since he was under two but we opted out.  We wanted it to be worry-free.

For those of you who are geography-challenged like me (I had to look it up), the Cayman Islands are west of Cuba.

The timing for this vacation was perfect.  I'll just be brief and say that I had a miscarriage in the middle of October so this was a chance for us to relax, reflect and get some much needed rest.  And after the miscarriage happened I was in desperate need to get away. I only had one breakdown while we were gone so I know God was healing my heart.

The morning before we left for the airport I knew I'd be leaving this little guy behind.
Our first of many pictures...we are sitting at the airport gate waiting for the plane.  If you look towards the back of the picture you'll see a crowd of my coworkers. 
We arrived!  It's the beach!  And it's overcast because Hurricane Rina was lurking nearby.

These turtles are prominent on the island.  They were in a pond in the courtyard area of our hotel.
The Cayman Islands are British so I just had to take a picture in the telephone booth.  I hope I get closer than this to England!
Even though there was the beach to enjoy there was wonderful food!  This is a picture of an appetizer we had one night, compliments of the chef.  It's caprese salad on a stick.

This is us at dinner the first night.  We ate at the hotel every night and we loved it.  We were able to choose anything we wanted off the menu so I had this awesome mixed greens salad with roasted pecans every night.
See...signs of rest and relaxation!
This is the outdoor restaurant right by the beach where we ate lunch and dinner every day.
Hello!  It's October so of course I'm drinking coffee.  And I'm on the beach so it can't get better than that.  Plus, it was still overcast so it wasn't quite warm yet.
A view of the beach outside the hotel.
This is the hotel pool and the beach just beyond.  Still overcast.  It rained alot the first full day we were there.  Korey and I were so tired that we both slept till 1:30pm on that first day.  We had nowhere to be, after all.
While everyone else ordered drinks we would sit at the bar and order lattes and cappucinos.  Yum!  The first night we arrived it was Game 6 of the World Series so they set up TVs in the hotel lounge so we could all get together and watch the game.  And then we did it all again the next day for Game 7.  And then we invaded the lobby and the bar again for the Cowboys game on Sunday.  That's what happens when a bunch of Texans go out of town.
This is the main courtyard of the hotel.  One night we were walking through and Korey stumbled.  I thought he had walked out of his flip flop.  Nope.  He had tripped over a turtle crossing the path.  The turtle and Korey were both fine!
And we're back on the beach again this time with more sunshine!

To be continued...

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brandonandmandycox said...

Hey Kelly - 1st of all... can't believe you slept in until 1:30! That is unheard of! :) 2nd know that we'll be praying for you and Korey during this difficult time.