Friday, November 4, 2011

Text Messages from Hunter's Sitters

While I'm at work I stay in touch with Hunter's "sitters/caregivers/those in charge of chasing him" via text message.

Here's a couple I received this week.

Sitter:  "Hunter and I almost had a fight a min ago -- he tried to run off with my peanut m&m's!!!!  The whole point of stealing from the trick or treat candy during nap is so you don't have to share."
Me:  "Do we owe you m&m's?"
Sitter:  "No way - I wrestled mine back."

Two days later...

My mom: "Whew!  Man size toots from your baby."
Me:  "Is he laughing?"
My mom:  "No, more like sneaky smell."

Me:  "How is he?"
Korey:  "Opening my trunk and honking horn."  Haha he had found the car keys.

We love this little guy and all his antics!

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