Friday, January 20, 2012

18 Months

Maybe because Hunter is my first child, I've decided that I want to make a BIG DEAL out of the fact that he turned 18 months.  As with all festivities in my family they tend to stretch out over several days.  This is part one.

Before I leave the house in the morning I make sure Hunter eats breakfast.  Korey never eats breakfast on weekdays so it's usually just the two of us.  On this particular morning he was so fussy that he had to have his milk before he ate.  I usually wait until after just to ensure he eats.

He is reaching for his monkey that is sitting on the kitchen table.  Hunter doesn't like to leave him in the crib when he gets up.  He also has been letting us know that he's a true toddler.  Many times he will scream out loud and we've realized he's just trying to get our attention.  Or he'll do a fake whiny cry and of course we call him out on it.  "Faker!"  And I'm so surprised, but time outs actually do work with him.  He understands what it means that he needs to sit down without toys and be still.  He sits there quietly!  We try not to leave him for more than a minute or two.  One time Korey asked him if he need a "time out" and Hunter sat himself down without being made.  Haha!  It will be this easy when he's a teenager right?
After I got home from work I took more photos of him.  He's such a poser!  Not sure why I never used this chalkboard before to record his months.
I tricked him into looking up.
He's wearing a fireman hat his Nana brought him.  Then he took it off and put it on my head.
This is true Hunter.  He loves his "Bibles" as he calls them.  He is saying "Bible."  I'm not sure what other 18 month olds are like, but this kid asks us every day, a million times a day, what stuff is.  He points to everything in the room and asks, "Dat."  A bajillion times a day.  Ask us how many times we've told him what the light is called.  He is super curious and wants to know what everything is, everywhere.  All the time. 
I sat in the rocking chair with the book, "Goodnight Moon" and he pointed to things on the page and asked me what they were.
This book is called "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and has a story about the letters of the alphabet.
A shoot from the hip photo.  I think.
I finished the night by making chocolate chip cookies.  Here he is enjoying his late night snack.  Yes, he got to eat chocolate!  (My family gives me a hard time about being overly cautious about what he eats.)

To top it off, this kid grew an inch in 3 months!  He's set to tower over me.  Sigh.

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