Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm so excited to announce that I am part of the first-ever "Mamarazzi" class hosted by TinStar Photography.  The purpose of the class is to improve your picture-taking skills complete with encouragement, critiquing, and fellowship with other mom photographers.  I'm in the first week and so far this is the easiest class I've ever taken.  It's not meant to be stressful at all...just fun!  Here are some photos from our first assignment....capturing a picture of your child doing everyday things.  I had to choose one to print out to take with me and so far I can't decide on just one!

Every night we read a Bible story to Hunter before he goes to bed.  We all pile into our bed and usually a ticklefest ensues before we get settled down.  On this night Hunter happened to have a toy with him.

Saturday mornings at our house are typically lazy.  If I don't have anywhere to be I like to just have some playtime with Hunter.  We worked puzzles together and he asked me a million times what each animal was.
This boy can't get enough of our remote controls.  This one controls our fan and lights.  He loves pushing the buttons and watching what happens.
Sometimes when I'm getting ready and Hunter is in our room I shut the door all the way so he can't escape and I can keep an eye on him.  He decided he wanted out.  A little fit followed.

My sweet boy playing on his toy cellphone.  The nasty cut is from a run-in with our fireplace.  He pulled the padding off and fell against it all in the same instant.  We got to avoid stitches but the dr did put some skin glue on it and squeezed it together.

Stay tuned because hopefully we'll see my pictures improve over the next few weeks!


brandonandmandycox said...

Wow! Taking Dana's class?? How exciting!

January R. said...

I LOVE that first one of him with a toy!!!