Monday, January 9, 2012

Spicy Pepperoni-Jack Chicken Panini

A four ingredient meal!  Six, if you count the condiments.  We've been eating "pantry"meals lately before we make our next grocery shopping trip.  This is helping us to save some money plus eat what we have.  And who doesn't want to eat a chicken panini sandwich?

We absolutely love our panini pan and use it all the time.  Every time we make a sandwich we comment on the fact that we're eating an $8 sandwich, just like you would find in a gourmet cafe.  This is homemade gourmet on a budget.

The chicken is first grilled and then layered between the bread, cheese and pepperoni and then the whole sandwich is grilled on the panini pan or press.  What results is a delicious, melted-cheese chicken sandwich.

I recommend not using a regular sandwich bread as the bread, once grilled, will become very thin.  If you use a bakery bread such as Sourdough or French, the bread will maintain it's thickness.

Spicy Pepperoni-Jack Chicken Panini

Makes two sandwiches

Olive oil
4 slices of Sourdough bread
1 Chicken breast
Pepperoni slices
Pepperjack cheese

Lightly spray panini pan with olive oil and grill chicken breast until it's thoroughly cooked on medium heat.  Cut open with a knife to make sure it's not still pink inside.  Cut chicken breast in half to use for each sandwich.  Spread the bread slices with mayo (or your condiment of choice) and layer the chicken breast half, pepperoni slices, and pepperjack cheese.  Brush both sides of the outside layer of the bread slices with olive oil.  You can use a knife or a basting brush.  Put your sandwiches on the panini press and top with the lid.  Grill until both sides are lightly browned, flipping it once during cooking to ensure both sides get browned.

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