Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: Getting Organized

Hunter loves to color.  Or really just take the crayons out of the box and put them back in.  We bought him some toddler-size markers for Christmas and all of these items were starting to get scattered around the kitchen.  I bought this plastic tote at Walmart and used foam letter stickers to label it.  The foam stickers I had previously purchased at Walmart.  Simple, easy and contained!

 Our pantry is scary.  It's not even a real pantry but a cabinet.  I'll never do that again.  It's very deep and it's so hard to find things in that dark cavern.  After getting inspiration from a picture I saw in Better Homes and Gardens, I invested in these Oxo containers (with a coupon) and I absolutely love them!  I don't need to label them because I can easily identify what's in them AND I can actually see through them to what else is lurking behind.  Best of all they are air tight so Hunter's Cheerios will never go to waste.
Last, but not least, I am always yelling, "Save the bows" whenever anyone unwraps a gift.  I decided that all of these stray ribbons and bows needed a place.  I purchased a Snapware ornament storage container and used the cardboard dividers to divide it up into the spaces I needed.  Now all of my bows and ribbon are in one place.

How are you getting organized in 2012?

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Megan said...

The art box is adorable! Love those foam letters! Thanks for linking up:)